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A delightfully silly virtual card game.
Keep your cards forever on the Blockchain.

I Can Haz?

How the Game Works

Tournameme is a tournament of champions.

When you buy into the tournament, you open two packs of champion cards.

Select one champion for each of five contests.

You will also serve as judge for the battles of others.

The team with the best record shall have eternal glory and a free champion card as a prize.

After the tournament, you can download your cards, print them for offline use,
or do anything you want with them. We send you a pre-set up wallet
to store your cards for collection or use in other games.

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Breaking It Down

Collect Cards

Each meme is a champion you can play in the tournament and keep forever after.

Enter Tournaments

Pit your champions against other opponents and vote for the absurd winner.

Powered by Bitcoin

Your cards are stored on the blockchain and won't go away even if we do.


Take pride in how very internet you are.